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Meet Our Team

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in Refractive Cataract Surgery, Laser Vision Correction, Dry Eye Treatment, Glaucoma Management, Diabetic Eye Care and more. Our compassionate and friendly staff are here to assist you. We are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced medical and surgical eye care available. Learn more about each member of team of specialists below!

Denise M. Visco, M.D.

DMVcolorbackground-321wDr. Denise Visco is an award winning ocular surgeon, Medical Director and founder of Eyes of York. In addition to being certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, she is among the few elite providers certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery, performing over 20,000 no stitch cataract surgeries as well as thousands of Laser Vision Correction procedures. Dr. Visco is a pioneer of surgical advancement being the first female surgeon in the world to perform cataract surgery with the LENSAR Advanced Laser Cataract System. She is also the first in the area to offer all laser LASIK procedures and customized options for cataract surgery.

Dr. Visco graduated with honors from the University of Delaware, Jefferson Medical College, and Penn State University. She went on to found Eyes of York in 1996 and soon after established a free standing laser center for Laser Vision Correction. Additionally, she opened York County’s first and only ambulatory surgical center specializing in eye surgery. Dr. Visco is a founding member and board member of Cedars/Aspens, as well as President of the American College of Eye Surgeons.


Dr. Visco is proud to offer a comprehensive array of eye services within the Eyes of York practice which include refractive cataract surgery, PRELEX surgery, LASIK surgery and Advanced Surface Refractive Surgery. She also provides glaucoma management and treatment as well as dry eye treatment and comprehensive medical eye examinations. Recently Announced! Denise Visco, MD has been named to the prestigious Ocular Surgery News’ Premier Surgeon 300 – an elite group of premium refractive cataract surgeons. As a leading innovator in the field of premium refractive surgery, Dr. Visco is proud to be able to offer the residents of York and beyond the availability to such cutting edge technology. Dr. Visco was also named as one of The Ophthalmologist's "Top 100 Female Influencers" for 2021!

Jerome V. Benz, Jr., D.O.

Dr-Benz-Photo-Update-CroppedDr. Jerome Benz is a distinguished member of the York ophthalmology community and a partner at Eyes of York Cataract & Laser Center. Dr. Benz is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and specializes in the latest technology in refractive and cataract surgery. Additionally, he is certified through the American Board of Eye Surgery for cataract surgery. Dr. Benz is one of the first ophthalmologists in the area to offer refractive cataract surgery with the LENSAR Advanced Laser Cataract System. With his extensive surgical experience and skill, Dr. Benz has become an area leader in no-stitch cataract surgery and is a seasoned refractive surgeon having completed thousands of LASIK treatments. Dr. Benz is an alumnus of King’s College, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He began his career while serving in the United States Army for eight years and earned the Combat Medical Badge and the Global War of Terrorism Service and Expeditionary Ribbons. Dr. Benz later joined Eyes of York in 2005 after additionally earning the Bronze Star Medal as a member of the 82nd Airborne during Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq. Dr. Benz performs a wide range of services to include routine and complex cataract surgery, refractive cataract surgery, PRELEX surgery, LASIK surgery, and Advanced Surface Refractive Surgery. He also provides glaucoma management and treatment, diabetic eye exams, dry eye treatment, and routine exams.

Laura E. Lehn, O.D.

Lehn-2-1-310w-croppedDr. Laura Lehn joined Eyes of York in 2002 after several years in private practice. She graduated with honors from Elizabethtown College and received her Doctorate of Optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1998. Dr. Lehn completed her residency in ocular disease at the Eye Institute in Philadelphia where she gained additional skills in diagnosing and managing eye diseases. Dr. Lehn practices a full range of eye care services such as glaucoma management, dry eye treatment, and postoperative cataract and laser vision care. Additionally, she performs routine and diabetic eye exams. Dr. Lehn is a member of Beta Sigma Kappa and the International Optometric Honor Society.


Lakshmi Kolisetty, O.D.

Dr Lakshmi KolisettyDr. Lakshmi Kolisetty is an optometrist with Eyes of York who has a special interest in comprehensive eye care, ocular disease management, and pre- and post-op care for our cataract and glaucoma surgery patients.Prior to joining Eyes of York, Dr. Kolisetty received her Doctor of Optometry from The Ohio State University College of Optometry and completed her BA in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Human Resource Management from Rutgers University.

Dr. Kolisetty is proficient in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.